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Granite worktops, marble and quartz kitchen countertops, kitchen islands, bathroom vanity units and reception areas | free estimate |  template, fabrication, installation and after-sale service. | Select the stone surface of your dreams in five easy steps.

We offer a wide range of floor and wall tiles for interior and exterior applications | natural, composite stone, porcelain and ceramic tiles, to satisfy any aesthetic and technical requirements.
                                       Stone Surfaces: Kitchen Worktops and Retail Countertops
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Stone Surfaces: Floor and Wall tiles
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Working from a concept or a CAD drawing, we shape your ideas into reality combining craftsmanship with state-of-the-art technology, to fabricate bespoke stone products for your home or your project | stone tables, staircases, fireplaces, shower trays.

Supply and installation of interior and exterior natural stone applications in commercial buildings, residential developments, shop fronts, down to one off residential properties | stone cladding, floor tiles and pavers, coin, coping stones.

  Stone Surfaces: Bespoke Stone Products
bespoke stone products
Stone Surfaces: Bespoke Stone Products
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